Consent related litigation costs and pay-outs are increasing. For many years EIDO Healthcare has been providing quality patient information documents to support the process of obtaining informed consent.

EIDO Inform is now used in about 50% of NHS Trusts and 80% of private hospitals. Medical malpractice insurance underwriters have started to take note of the risk reduction potential of EIDO Inform. By using standardised procedure information which clearly communicates the foundations required for informed consent, surgeons and healthcare professionals reduce the risk that the patient might not have been properly informed.

Contractual medical malpractice insurance has several advantages over traditional mutual insurance, one of which is the customisation of cover and premium to take into account the unique circumstances and risk profile of each individual surgeon.

EIDO Healthcare has partnered with Inman & Associates Ltd in an effort to bring to surgeons these advantages of contractual medical malpractice insurance combined with an effective informed consent process using tried and tested support resources.

The result is EIDO Shield, better medical malpractice insurance from a name you know and trust. Visit to learn more about this excellent new product and get an obligation-free quote. Your unique risk profile could reduce your premiums along with several other benefits.

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