EIDO’s innovative e-learning course provides information for health professionals on the medico-legal principles of informed consent.

The course can be self-administered by end-users, or your hospital can take a more active role in monitoring usage and issuing a ‘certificate of completion’.

EIDO Educate has been developed in collaboration with medico-legal experts and is in use in hundreds of hospitals in the UK.

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Course Content

The main content of the course is split into four modules, which make up the core fundamentals. If you deal with consent in any way during the course of your work, it is recommended that you complete these modules.

There are also four specialist modules, which deal with clinical areas in which consent can present particular problems. If you work in one of these areas, you are encouraged to read the relevant section.

  • Core modules
    • Consent and the Law
    • Consent in Practice
    • Capacity and Consent
    • Consent and End of Life Issues
  • Specialist Modules
    • Obstetrics
    • Paediatrics
    • Emergency
    • Research


Course details

The emphasis in modern healthcare is on putting patients at the centre.

The best approach is to think of consent as part of the process of joint decision-making. The patient and healthcare professional agree the best way forward, based on the patient’s condition, values and preferences, and the knowledge and experience of the healthcare professional.

The purpose of this course is to advance this aim by giving information about the most appropriate way of obtaining consent to treatment within the boundaries set by the law. The course is founded on problem-based learning, identifying difficult situations and explaining how they should be tackled.

Each section of the course begins with a problem scenario. The solution is then provided and the law explained, pointing to decisions of the courts and legislation dealing with consent to treatment. Guidance drafted by professional bodies is also used to explain the legal framework.


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