We provide health professionals with resources and support around informed consent

EIDO Healthcare provides a complete and comprehensive range of content, processes, systems and solutions to successfully manage and deliver patient informed consent. 

Our knowledge and experience in medico-legal informed consent over the past 20 years means that we can help mitigate and reduce the risk of litigation and legal claims, lower operational costs and increase patient satisfaction.

Developed by surgeons for surgeons, we deliver content and cloud based solutions which are designed to support health professionals in achieving excellence in obtaining and recording informed consent from patients.

The EIDO Consent Suite can be bought directly by trust/board clinicians or seamlessly integrated by 3rd party healthcare technology providers into other systems. 

A complete and comprehensive range

  • 400 plus peer reviewed treatment specific patient consent documents
  • Over 8 million surgical consent decisions supported annually 
  • Over 65% of all NHS acute Trusts/Boards are EIDO customers.
  • Over 85% of all acute private hospitals are EIDO customers 
  • Global network of distributors
  • EIDO content is in use in over 700 hospitals across 3 continents
  • Royal College of Surgeons approved 
  • NHS England Information Standard approved