EIDO has publication agreements and endorsements from surgical colleges and patient advocacy groups around the world

We collaborate with leading organisations to ensure our content is of the highest quality.

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With nearly 50% of Australian principal referral hospitals and over 1,000 hospitals worldwide as customers, EIDO Healthcare has become the global standard in high quality, evidence-based patient information to support informed consent.

EIDO Digital Inform Consent Suite

A medico-legal tour de force.

We engaged national specialist health lawyers to review the EIDO Digital Inform Consent Suite regarding compliance with Australian law and various professional and government guidelines. We asked them to ensure the solution reflects best practice in relation to informed consent. Their advice confirms:

“The EIDO Digital Inform Consent Suite represents a significant improvement over traditional, paper based consenting processes and has the potential to raise the standard generally for informed consent in Australia.”

Developed by clinicians for clinicians, EIDO Healthcare leads the way in providing flexible solutions to aid informed consent

With 20 years’ experience in supporting clinicians, our informed consent solutions are used in nearly 50% of Australian principal referral hospitals and over 1,000 hospitals worldwide.

Our cloud-based digital informed consent solutions have been developed to support health professionals in efficiently and effectively taking and recording informed consent. They enhance the patient experience, improve clinical workflows and protect organisational and clinical reputations.

EIDO’s informed consent solutions can be bought directly by your hospital or seamlessly integrated into third-party healthcare technology systems.

The market-leading solution for health professionals with resources to support informed consent

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EIDO Healthcare is committed to helping our customers achieve excellence in the vital areas of informed consent and clinical governance

EIDO Inform is a library of over 400 information sheets covering the most common surgical procedures. Each information sheet is endorsed by the Australian Patients Association and carries a Plain English Campaign Crystal Mark.

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Content-led, digitally delivered

At EIDO we know that informed consent solutions for clinicians, administrators and patients must be high quality, medico-legally valid and widely accessible.

Our customers and partners can access over 400 information sheets across the EIDO Informed Consent Suite. These information sheets are approved by the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons.

All our content is:

  • Written by practising specialists
  • Reviewed and endorsed by Australian patient advocacy groups
  • Peer reviewed before publication
  • Frequently updated with latest practises, procedures and legal guidelines

20 years supporting health professionals


Our products are used in nearly 50% of Australian principal referral hospitals.


Our products are used in over 1,000 hospitals worldwide.

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