Ready to use, peer reviewed medico-legal compliant patient informed consent documentation

For 20 years EIDO has been at the forefront of ensuring healthcare professionals have the best resources available to obtain informed consent from patients and which enhance the patient experience.

Our procedure library of over 400 treatment-specific informed clinical consent patient information documents is available for use under licence for integration into 3rd party healthcare solutions where obtaining consent is a key part of delivery.

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World class, treatment specific, informed consent patient information documents

  • 20 years unrivalled experience in creating the highest quality patient informed consent documentation.
  • Over 400 treatment-specific informed consent documents available now either digitally or as downloadable documents.
  • Over 250 high quality medical procedure animations ready to use. 
  • Used by over 65% of all NHS acute trusts/boards and 85% of acute private hospitals already and growing.
Medical procedure document

Why licence the EIDO procedure library?

All our informed consent patient information documents have been created by surgeons for surgeons and are peer reviewed as part of a details and comprehensive 10 step process before publication. 

By licensing the library for your project you will benefit from:

  • Ready to use medico-legal compliant documentation.
  • Reduced ongoing operational costs.
  • Access to experts for options to create bespoke consent procedure documents.
  • The knowledge and security of knowing that you are using the best informed consent content which is endorsed by the Royal College of Surgeons (RCS).

EIDO Healthcare - Leading The Way In Clinical Informed Consent 

  • High quality, easy to understand documents.
  • Written by surgeons for surgeons.
  • Plain English Campaign Crystal Mark approved.
  • Royal College of Surgeons approved. 
  • Available in over 20 different languages.
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