We provide world class standardized surgical educational material for patients

EIDO Healthcare provides world class standardized educational material for surgical procedures. Our digital solutions help increase patient engagement and overall satisfaction in hospitals.

Our educational material is trusted in over 1000 Hospitals across 5 continents, and by over 8 million patients annually.

Our documents are extremely easy to read and understand and are made available in almost any language your patient desires.

The EIDO Inform library can be purchased directly by hospitals, health authorities, or seamlessly integrated by 3rd party healthcare technology providers into other systems.

A complete and comprehensive range

A complete and comprehensive range

  • Canadian Association of General Surgeons approved
  • Peer reviewed, treatment specific documents for nearly 400 surgical procedures
  • Trusted by over 8 million patients annually in the UK
  • Over 65% of all NHS acute Trusts/Boards are EIDO customers in the UK.
  • Over 85% of all acute private hospitals are EIDO customers in the UK
  • Global network of distributors
  • EIDO Content is in use in over 1000 hospitals across 5 continents
  • Royal College of Surgeons of England approved
  • NHS England Information Standard approved
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