Supporting patient knowledge and understanding of surgical procedures ahead of the discussion with their surgeon

EIDO Inform Lite offers summarised information derived from EIDO’s more detailed informed consent fact sheets, EIDO Inform PDF, which can be licensed by hospitals and health professionals for their websites.

A live link to our content management system ensures that the EIDO Inform Lite fact sheets that visitors access on your website are always up-to-date. This means that there is no need to update the information on your website manually. When our editors update our content it automatically updates on your website.

All the content has been created by our contributors and gives an overview of the procedures offered. EIDO Inform Lite answers the majority of general questions asked by patients and can be used as a first step in understanding the elective surgery they are considering.  

  • Provides brief information about the most common surgical procedures
  • Written specifically for patients in easy to read and understand language
  • Regularly reviewed and updated in line with current practice
  • Helps answer patient questions and frees up clinical resources