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“The EIDO Consent Dashboard represents a significant improvement over traditional, paper based consenting processes and has the potential to raise the standard generally for informed consent in Australia.” – Specialist Health Lawyers

Leverage the power of EIDO’s digital consent platform to deliver your own patient education content to patients and obtain informed consent for procedures.

The EIDO Consent Dashboard is a web application that allows doctors to upload and send their own patient education and consent forms to patients for them to read and complete in the comfort of their own home or in the rooms. After patients have read the information about the procedure they then read and agree to the consent statements before electronically signing the consent form. The doctor then digitally completes their part of the consent form.

The patient education module and the consent module are independent of each other. They can be used together or on their own.

The completed consent form can be downloaded as a PDF document and stored electronically in the practice management software.

A timing report showing how long the patient engaged with the education component can also be downloaded as a PDF document and stored electronically in the practice management software.

The system eliminates the need for paper education handouts, consent forms and wet signatures.

Consent forms are customisable for your practice or you can use our standard consent form.

All patient interfaces are customisable with your practice logo and contact details.

Please note that medical practitioners are responsible for the retention of medical records and EIDO Healthcare Australia does not provide a data retention or backup service. Patient records held on the EIDO Consent Dashboard will be purged after 180 days.

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Why use EIDO's Consent Dashboard?

Using EIDO’s digital consent solution over a paper-based system offers several advantages:

  • Efficiency and Convenience

Time-Saving: EIDO’s digital consent solution streamlines the consent process, reducing the time required to obtain, process, and store consent forms. Patients can electronically sign consent forms from anywhere, eliminating the need for in-person visits or physical mailing.

Accessibility: Digital consent forms can be accessed 24/7 through EIDO’s online portal, making it more convenient for patients to provide consent at their own convenience.

  • Enhanced Security and Compliance

Data Encryption: EIDO’s digital consent solution uses encryption to protect sensitive information, ensuring that consent documents are stored securely and are less susceptible to unauthorised access.

Audit Trails and Tracking of Patient Engagement: EIDO’s solution maintains detailed records of consent transactions, providing a transparent audit trail that can help demonstrate compliance with regulations and helps reduce the risk of litigation by tracking how long patients engage with the patient education component.

  • Reduced Administrative Burden

Automation: EIDO’s digital consent solution can automate many administrative tasks, such as archiving consent forms and timing reports (if used with your own sFTP server), and notifying relevant parties when consent is obtained (planned release mid 2024). This reduces the workload on staff and minimises the risk of human error.

  • Improved Communication

Real-Time Updates: EIDO’s digital consent solution can instantly update all relevant parties when a consent form is signed, facilitating better communication among doctors and patients (planned release mid 2024).

Remote Collaboration: In situations requiring multiple signatories or geographically dispersed parties, EIDO’s digital consent solution enables seamless collaboration without the need for physical paperwork exchange.

  • Cost Savings and Sustainability

Reduced Paper and Printing Costs: Moving away from paper-based systems eliminates the need for hard copy consent forms, printing, and storage, leading to cost savings and a smaller environmental footprint.

Scalability: Digital solutions can scale more easily to accommodate a growing number of users and consent transactions without significant additional expenses.

Overall, adopting EIDO’s digital consent solution can lead to improved efficiency, security, compliance, and communication while reducing administrative overhead and environmental impact compared to traditional paper-based systems.

Track patient engagement

By tracking engagement with the patient education, doctors can better understand how well informed patients are before taking their consent.