For over 20 years EIDO have been providing high-quality, clearly communicated, evidence-based healthcare information to NHS and private hospitals to support clinicians when consenting patients.

We’ve partnered with the Patient Information Forum to help make our production processes more robust and to improve the production of our content.

The Patient Information Forum

Last year saw the beginning of EIDO’s partnership with the Patient Information Forum (PIF). Working with organisations that create and publish health information, they provide guidance for health organisations who wish to improve their processes.

After a thorough examination of a company’s production processes, PIF works closely with them to create a detailed action plan of how to improve their content and processes. Some of these improvements include implementing steps to ensure information is easy for the patient to use and navigate, making sure staff are well trained and supported to produce high-quality information and ensuring only relevant, up to date evidence is used when producing information.

Patient Information Forum green tick logo


Following an assessment of an organisation’s production processes, if they are shown to meet the criteria set out in the PIF application process, this organisation will be awarded the ‘PIF TIK’. The PIF TICK is only given if the organisation being assessed are found to produce trustworthy information and have a consistent and documented process for producing content.

Notable certified PIF TICK members include Public Health England, Cancer Research UK and The Royal College of Anaesthetists, among many others.

Our work with PIF

Communicating medical information can be challenging due to the treatment often being quite intricate and complicated. If it is not presented in a way the patient completely understands, their consent to the procedure may be invalidated. Working with PIF, we’ve improved our processes for producing patient consent information, ensuring our content is easy to understand while maintaining its medical integrity.

Our improvements include adding more detail into our document process checklists; discussions and plans around how to make our content more widely accessible; ensuring all of our processes are documented in appropriate detail, among many other things.

The PIF TICK scheme has been instrumental in terms of streamlining our content production processes, which ultimately results in better quality content for patients. It also validates many of the processes we already use to ensure our information is accessible, useful and informative. Julie Smith, EIDO Healthcare Content Director

EIDO Healthcare have been awarded the PIF TICK for the reliability of our document library and the robust processes we adhere to in the production of our content. We remain dedicated to producing consent information which truly informs patients and helps them feel prepared for their proposed treatment.

We look forward to an ongoing relationship with the Patient Information Forum to ensure that our processes and products continue to meet these high standards.

For more information about the importance of giving patients information they really understand, read our blog about health literacy.