Annual Consent Review goes digital

EIDO’s Director Matthew Ravenscroft introduces their latest Consent Review which brings together a 5 years of overviews of cases that are relevant to informed consent with a particular focus on events over the last 12 months.

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This May 2022 Edition includes:

  • A foreword by EIDO Content Director Julie Smith, guest editorial by Neil Welch, President of the Association of Surgeons of Great Britain & Ireland, and useful detail of the EIDO 10-step document production process.
  • An outline of the Montgomery case and points to note, plus detail on the The Cumberlege Review Report: First Do No Harm, and its significance for the law on consent.
  • It covers consent when patients lack capacity, has insights on obstetric cases with focus on the fluctuating capacity of a mother in labour, covers key information on children around competence and consent and important information on patients lacking capacity at the end of life, plus important updates on COVID-19-related issues concerning consent.
  • Looking ahead, it also suggests what the future might hold for law and clinical practice on consent.

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Professor Vivienne Harpwood, Emerita Professor, School of Law and Politics at Cardiff University