Why partner with EIDO?

Partnering with us delivers a range of benefits, built on over 20 years of EIDO’s expertise, experience and knowledge in informed consent, including:

  • A growing network of established UK customers, including over 65% of acute NHS trusts and 85% of acute private hospitals
  • Access through our international distributors to additional overseas markets across five continents
  • Widespread clinical confidence from clinicians who already know and trust our proven solutions
  • Pioneering content for informed consent and shared decision-making, endorsed by leading surgical associations, colleges and professional bodies, in the UK and around the world
  • An intuitive digital informed consent pathway delivering an efficient, effective and medico-legally robust process for both clinicians and patients, at home and in hospital
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What our partners say

EIDO and Synopsis – Working together to reduce NHS
waiting times

EIDO and PatientSource – Delivering the best of both worlds
through collaboration

C2-AI – Using data to drive the clinical shared decision
making process

ADI Health – Helping ICSs deliver joined up health and
care services

Who partners with us?

  • EPR suppliers integrate our solutions to create seamless clinical consent pathways
  • Medical malpractice insurers provide our tools to their clients, reducing and mitigating their exposure to medico-legal litigation
  • Patient advocacy organisations collaborate with us to support the delivery of patient-centered care and ensure that no patients are left unheard or disenfranchised
  • Patient engagement platforms interface with our content, delivering it to patients in context and at the appropriate time
  • Content creators work with us to continuously improve the quality and scope of the procedures we cover

Why work in collaboration?

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Some of our partners: