We provide health professionals with resources and support around informed consent

For nearly 20 years, EIDO Healthcare has been providing resources and support to help health professionals reduce the risk of litigation. Over that time we have developed several products and have others in the pipeline. Our products are designed to support health professionals in both obtaining and recording informed consent from patients.

Our products are currently used in nearly 50% of acute NHS hospitals and over 80% of private hospitals. EIDO Healthcare is committed to helping our customers achieve excellence in the vital areas of informed consent and clinical governance.


EIDO Healthcare produces a range of products to assist health professionals in reducing the risk of litigation, improving the doctor-patient relationship and increasing patient satisfaction.

Annual Consent Review Third Edition

EIDO Healthcare has a team of medical and legal advisers, and works closely with surgeons and hospitals on a daily basis.

This puts us in a unique position to be able to review developments and trends around informed consent. We publish our review annually, containing commentary by medico-legal experts.

The Annual Consent Review (3rd Edition) is now available. Use the contact form below to request your electronic copy. We will use this information to keep you up to date with news, events and services which may be relevant to you. We will not share your information with any third party. You can change your subscription to this service by emailing dpa@eidohealthcare.com.

The printed booklet is also available on request.

Our Customers
With around 50% of acute NHS Hospitals and 80% of private hospitals as customers, EIDO Healthcare has become the UK standard in quality, evidence-based patient information.
We have a good relationship with EIDO who are easy to work with, helpful and responsive to changes either we request or those mandated by NHSLA or relevant Colleges or Associations
Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust
We have been using EIDO for many years. It is the primary source of information to aid informed consent. We have established a good working relationship with EIDO and any requests are always met in good time.
NHS Lanarkshire Headquarters Kirklands
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