The Inform Digital Library gives clinicians the ability to utilise the complete EIDO Inform Procedure library on desktop, tablet or mobile

Optimised for use in a clinical setting, patients are able to review medical consent procedure documents and animations at their own speed, helping improve understanding and reducing future negligence claims.

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20 years supporting healthcare professionals

Around 400

Around 400 treatment-specific informed consent documents

Around 50

Around 50 procedure photo-realistic animations

Improving patient understanding with medical animations

Our procedure library includes around 50 high-quality animations which will:

  • Simplify complicated medical procedures
  • Provide a better way for healthcare professionals to explain complex medical procedures
  • Improve patient understanding
  • Reduce confusion, misunderstanding and concerns
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Inform Digital Library for developers

The Inform Digital Library can be directly integrated into other medical systems through our API sets.

Library content licensing
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