“EIDO has provided e-consent platforms for two separate research projects established with the help of KHP Haematology, and in both cases we have found them to be highly responsive and easy to work with.

The e-consent platforms provided are bespoke to our needs and designed to meet the requirements of the multi-site clinical trials that they are employed for. In use, they are intuitive and straightforward for our patients, consenting clinicians, and data managers to utilise.”

Kings College Hospital NHS Trust

A primary aim of the Australian Patients Association is to educate patients about the risks involved in operations and procedures, and for them to become more involved in managing their own health and health care decisions. The availability of these excellent information documents furthers these aims. It is for these reasons we are happy to endorse EIDO’s library.

Australian Patients Association

EIDO’s library of patient information documents is of the highest quality and regularly updated. I would happily recommend EIDO to other hospitals and State / Territory Health organisations

Royal Hobart Hospital

The Aspen Healthcare group has been using EIDO’s patient information library since 2013. In that time it has become an invaluable clinical tool for our hospitals, educating our patients about their treatment, and ensuring that the consent they give is medico-legally valid.

Creating and maintaining quality written information for patients is a highly resource-intensive process. By entrusting this to EIDO, we are able to concentrate clinical resource where it is needed most, safe in the knowledge that our patients’ information requirements are being fully met.

Aspen Healthcare

The “Inform” document was a great supplement to what the doctor had told me. The information is most comprehensive and assuring. It was good to have answers to all the questions I probably would have asked.

Patient 3

The document was set out very well with excellent diagrams, and was very easy to understand. It was clear, concise, right on the button. Clinically comforting.

Patient 2

I was most impressed with your leaflet, by far the best communication I have been provided and suggests emphatically that this standard of communication should be replicated for other procedures and operations.

Patient 1

We have been using EIDO for many years. It is the primary source of information to aid informed consent. We have established a good working relationship with EIDO and any requests are always met in good time.

NHS Lanarkshire Headquarters Kirklands

We have a good relationship with EIDO who are easy to work with, helpful and responsive to changes either we request or those mandated by NHSLA or relevant Colleges or Associations

Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust

When we compared the cost of developing our own leaflet library in-house to the cost of purchasing the EIDO Inform library, the decision to purchase was a simple one.

County Durham & Darlington Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust