For nearly 20 years EIDO Healthcare has supported the clinician-patient relationship by providing high-quality surgical information. This means patients can rest easy knowing they’ve been properly informed and that they are making an informed decision. Clinicians can also be confident that they have provided trustworthy, current and accessible information to the patient. EIDO’s library of nearly 400 surgical procedures is highly regarded in the industry but developing and maintaining a library of that size is a significant and ongoing endeavour. The key to it all are our Editorial Clinicians.

All of EIDO’s Editorial Clinicians are not only experts in their surgical specialty, but experts in the specific procedure that they write and/or review. They are all still practising surgeons and so are aware of changes to current practice or techniques, as well as developments associated with complications or alternatives.

EIDO has Editorial Clinicians in every country it operates in. This, ensures the information provided is always relevant to the patient, wherever they might be.

Growing the library

EIDO has nearly 400 documents in its library, covering many of the most common procedures across more than 30 specialties,. Behind the scenes, a lot of work goes into creating new documents for the EIDO library. A suitable specialist author is sourced and submits the document using a template. The Editorial Clinicians review and edit the document using EIDO’s house style and their own editorial expertise. The document is then reviewed by EIDO’s clinical advisers, the Plain English Campaign and the author. It is also sent to reviewers in other countries to make sure it remains appropriate for their patients as well. All this work, and more, goes into the creation of every document within the library.

Maintaining the library

EIDO supplies patient information to nearly 65% of NHS acute trusts and 85% of the private hospital sector. The documents need to be accurate and up to date, which is why the EIDO library is being continually reviewed by our Editorial Clinicians.

All feedback sent to EIDO by practising clinicians using the library is taken into consideration. The feedback is reviewed by the relevant contributor and, if appropriate, actioned by the Editorial Clinicians. A notification of any major changes is posted on the download centre and the person who submitted the feedback is updated.

In addition to ad-hoc changes to the library, every single document is updated on a 2-year cycle. As part of this process, EIDO’s Editorial Clinicians review all the content, the reference list, and the illustrations. Clinicians can feel safe in the knowledge the information they are giving to patients is high quality, evidence based and up to date.

Photo of a librarySupport from barristers

EIDO also works closely with barristers who specialise in medical law, ensuring our documents are medico-legally sound in the event of litigation. Notable names include Vivienne Harpwood and Rob Weir.

Vivienne was until recently Course Director of the Legal Aspects of Medical Practice degree at Cardiff Law School, a position she held for more than 20 years. She is also the founding editor of Butterworth’s Medico-Legal Reports and the journal Medical Law International. Rob is a barrister who focuses on all aspects of personal injury and clinical negligence.

Rob won the Legal 500 UK Awards as Personal Injury & Clinical Negligence Silk of the Year in 2015, and was short-listed in 2014, 2016 and 2017. He also won the category of Personal Injury & Clinical Negligence Silk of the Year at the 2013 Chambers UK Bar Awards. Vivienne, Rob and many more healthcare professionals make up those who work behind the scenes giving us advice and direction regarding the medico-legal soundness of our content.

Information that is easy to understand

For the past 15 years EIDO has worked alongside the Plain English Campaign, an organisation which has helped many government departments and official organisations move away from the use of complicated and confusing language in their documents and towards clear and concise information which can be understood by all. In recognition of our long relationship, EIDO has been made a lifetime member of the Plain English Campaign, making us one of only seven health organisations to have been awarded this honour.

As you can see, there is a lot more to developing and maintaining the EIDO library than one might think. We are proud of the work our Editorial Clinicians do to ensure our high standards are always met. The advice and input collected from practising clinicians around the world help to make EIDO Healthcare the leader in providing information for informed medical consent.