EIDO Healthcare has today announced the relaunch of their ASGBI- accredited CPD UK-certified informed consent e-learning training course, EIDO Educate. Supporting the EIDO Inform Consent Suite, the course includes new case studies, features and content written by Professor Vivienne Harpwood, Emerita Professor of Law at Cardiff University. The course is for healthcare professionals likely to be involved in the informed consent process.

The course, which helps train healthcare professionals and medical students in the medico-legal principles of consent and ethics to treatment, has a range of new features, including:

  • Links to videos and real and recent cases regarding consent – by using the most recent cases the course helps improve understanding of all the issues around consent and patient care.
  • Video illustrations – using videos and commentary the course helps build knowledge and gain practical understanding that is essential to providing excellent care.
  • Links to additional topics and content – the course includes links to additional relevant resources for those who are involved in managing patient consent.
  • Guided self-learning process – the course is delivered online so students can set their own pace and return to parts of the course materials as and when they need to.
  • Patient consent and ethics – the course includes modules on basic ethics as well as highlighting the connection with consent and includes a focus on Covid-19 and long Covid.
  • Annually updated – with the latest legal cases and resources.


Commenting on the revised EIDO Educate course, Professor Vivienne Harpwood said, “Never has it been so important for all levels of clinicians and medical students to have a proper understanding of their responsibilities, and to obtain consent to treatment within the boundaries set by the law. By having a workforce who understand the laws and issues of informed consent, patients, clinicians and hospitals will all be protected.”

EIDO Educate is accredited by the Association of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland and CPD UK and the course carries up to 8 CPD points depending on the modules completed. It has been written specifically for medical students and healthcare professionals ranging from surgical specialists through to nursing and administration teams. 

For more information on EIDO Educate visit https://www.eidohealthcare.com/products/e-learning/ 

About EIDO Healthcare

EIDO Healthcare leads the way in providing flexible solutions for medico-legal consent. With over 20 years’ experience in supporting clinicians, EIDO informed shared decision-making consent solutions are now used in over 65% of NHS hospitals and 85% of acute private hospitals.

The EIDO Inform Consent Suite includes cloud-based digital consent solutions developed to support healthcare professionals in taking and recording informed patient consent efficiently and effectively. These solutions enhance the patient experience, improve clinical workflows and protect organisational and clinical reputations.

About Professor Vivienne Harpwood

Professor Vivienne Harpwood is Emerita Professor of Law at Cardiff University and has many years’ experience leading training seminars for healthcare professionals from all disciplines. 

She is widely published on medico-legal matters and recently joined the Education Department of the International UNESCO Chair in Bioethics, participating as a panel member in a series of international webinars. Professor Harpwood has practised as a barrister and been a member of several bodies established by the UK Government to make recommendations on issues of strategic medico-legal importance.