EIDO’s peer-reviewed consent documentation holds the PIF TICK accreditation, a UK-based quality mark awarded after detailed scrutiny from the Patient Information Forum.

The PIF TICK is a guarantee to patients and health professionals that the EIDO patient information library meets a stringent set of criteria:

  1. Systems: Information is created using a consistent and documented process
  2. Training: Staff receive ongoing training and support
  3. Need: Resources meet a genuine need
  4. Evidence: Information is based on reliable, up-to-date evidence which is communicated clearly
  5. Involving users: Users are involved in the development of information
  6. Health inequalities: Information is written to meet health and digital literacy, language and accessibility needs of the target audience
  7. Content and design: Information is clearly communicated, easy to access and navigate
  8. Feedback: There is a clear process for users to provide feedback
  9. Disseminating: Information is promoted to maximise reach
  10. Impact: The impact of information is measured

The PIF TICK is awarded after a thorough application and assessment process and is displayed on the cover of every document. Health professionals can be confident that the information they are giving to their patients will support an informed decision. 

As part of EIDO’s ongoing commitment to health literacy and understanding, the patient information:

  • Holds the Plain English Campaign Crystal Mark
  • Is peer reviewed, evidence based and regularly updated
  • Is available in over 20 languages
  • Is available in accessible formats (Easy Reads, large and giant print and screen readers)

EIDO’s Content Director, Julie Smith, is a member of the PIF TICK sounding board. She meets regularly with a team of health information providers to review and advise on the PIF TICK process.

A survey by the Patient Information Forum found that 80% of people would look for some form of quality mark on health information. It also identified the need for information to be:

  • Evidence based
  • In plain English
  • Written and presented by real experts
Trusted Information Creator animated tick

Increased use of “Dr Google” or Facebook groups offering non-medical advice and support has meant information used to make medical consent decisions can be misleading, confusing, out of date and is often incorrect.

EIDO works with expert healthcare specialists every day to ensure our patient consent documentation and content development and review systems are of the highest possible standard.

Our library holds around 400 treatment-specific documents developed and curated by practicing specialists.

For more information on the PIF TICK and the accreditation process from the Patient Information Forum visit www.piftick.org.uk or contact EIDO for more information.

You can read the PIF Health and Digital Literacy Survey Report here: https://pifonline.org.uk/resources/publications/health-and-digital-literacy-survey-201920/