Abu Dhabi Health Services Company, (SEHA), the UAE’s largest healthcare network, has signed an agreement with EIDO Healthcare, the global leader in patient information to support the consent process, as part of its drive towards elevating patient care and experience.

As part of the agreement, EIDO Healthcare will provide SEHA healthcare facilities access to a library of procedure-specific consent information documents. These documents are designed to complement the consent process, enabling shared decision-making between doctors and patients and subsequently improving the patient experience.

By having access to a robust library of downloadable procedure-specific information, SEHA clinicians will be able to further enhance their skills to engage with patients in educative and informative conversations before they sign consent, ensuring they are comfortable and well-informed of the procedure or surgery.

The library of consent information documents are written by practicing specialist clinicians and undergo a rigorous twelve-stage editorial development process, including association peer review and patient feedback.

Dr. Gareth Goodier, Group Senior Advisor, SEHA, said: “Our strategic outlook is unwavering in prioritizing the importance of a patient-centric approach at all SEHA facilities. By establishing an agreement with EIDO Healthcare, we are bringing a library of integral resources in multiple languages to our clinicians’ doorstep, ensuring that all our patients receive clear and transparent communication. This will result in a stronger doctor-patient relationship that will build long-term trust, in addition to empower patients to become more involved in their treatment journeys and encourage shared decision-making.”

For nearly 20 years, EIDO Healthcare has been providing resources and support to help health professionals reduce the risk of litigation. Currently used in over 1000 hospitals across four continents, the library is reviewed and endorsed by a number of Royal Colleges and Associations from around the world. The resources aim to enrich the doctor-patient relationship enhancing hospital quality standards around the consent process and supportive information for patients, to provide a truly informed decision-making process.

Mr. Alistair Firth, Chief Executive Officer of EIDO Healthcare, said “We have been a valued partner in the UK to 60% of acute NHS hospitals, 80% of private hospitals, alongside healthcare bodies in Australia, Canada, and South Africa. We have been providing information in Arabic to Emirati patients who travel to our partner hospitals in the UK and we are excited to be now working with SEHA to support them in their drive to enhance their patients experience and provide a truly informed decision-making process.”