Since it started in 1999 with a small set of documents created in Microsoft Word, EIDO Healthcare has come a long way. The goal of EIDO Healthcare has been, and continues to be, to provide surgeons and healthcare professionals with the tools they require to obtain informed consent from patients. It now boasts a library of nearly 400 patient information documents, packed as one of several products. EIDO Healthcare currently services about 50% of NHS Trusts and 80% of private hospitals with its flagship product.

The company has grown each year. Apart from expanding its client base in the United Kingdom, EIDO now has a presence in Australia and South Africa too. The product offering has expanded to fill gaps that became apparent while working with healthcare professionals around informed consent. In addition to EIDO Inform (trusted content for informed consent), EIDO now offers EIDO Educate (medico-legal e-training resources) and will soon be launching EIDO Vault (reliable digital consent) and EIDO Verify (insightful patient communication).

The time had come to revitalise the look of the brand and reflect the increasing emphasis on digital in the product range. The challenge was not to lose the brand recognition that had accumulated over the years, but to make the brand look modern and capture the professionalism and commitment to quality of the company.

The process involved 5 days of workshops to clarify the strategic vision of the company and to define the company values and mission. With this valuable information, the design team we able to come up with a logo that captured the essence of the organisation without moving to far away from the recognisable brand elements.
The rebrand also provided the opportunity to bring the different regions in line with a global brand look and feel. The results were well received. Below is the old and new logos.

Old EIDO Logo

new eido logos


The original products were renamed to EIDO Inform and EIDO Educate, and a logo was designed for each product.

eido product logos

In addition, the website was revamped and modernised with the new look and feel. All EIDO documentation was updated to reflect the new logo and the brand refresh was launched at the ASGBI Annual Surgical Congress.