EIDO Vault is the latest in our range of digital products. An iPad app which helps clinicians consent patients before treatment, Vault promises to digitise and improve the process of obtaining consent.

What is Vault?

EIDO Vault is an efficient and completely paperless digital consent solution. Using an iPad, the doctor may take consent from a patient anywhere within the hospital. Procedure specific information is stored within the Vault app, ready to be accessed by the doctor. The app takes a digital signature from the clinician and patient at the end of the session, establishing that the consent journey is a partnership between doctor and patient.  

The patient will already have been given information about their proposed treatment before using Vault. They are then reminded of the benefits, alternatives and complications of their procedure, ensuring they are completely informed and involved in the decision-making process. The clinician will also be on hand to confirm the patient has understood the information given and the possible complications, before getting the patient’s signature.

Not only medico-legally sound, Vault is also easy to use for doctor and patient. Using a step-by-step method, Vault will guide the clinician through the process, including clear instructions on when input from the patient is required.  

Once the process is complete, the patient will have verified their identity, confirmed that they have read and considered the benefits, alternatives and potential complications of the recommended procedure and signed the electronic document with a stylus.

The need for digital consent

The NHS have voiced their aims of becoming paperless by 2020. [1] Through Vault, EIDO Healthcare are helping healthcare professionals on that journey into a new era of paperless consent. Digital and paperless healthcare is not only better for the environment, but also a more accurate and up-to-date way of obtaining consent. Vault content is linked directly with EIDO’s industry-leading library of documents. Our content is updated regularly, making sure the information you receive is the very best that healthcare professionals can offer.

Features of Vault

EIDO Vault boasts a variety of features, all designed to improve the patient experience and help practitioners in the process of obtaining informed consent.

Vault setup

Patient details prepopulated

When Vault is integrated into the hospital patient administration system (PAS), the patient’s details will be available for use in the application. This means the patient’s information need not be entered again, saving precious time for the clinician.

Integrated procedure information

Using an iPad pre-loaded with procedure specific information, this material helps the clinician cover all important points for that procedure. Patients will be reminded of the information they have already viewed and have the opportunity to ask questions or raise concerns. The Vault app then takes a digital signature from both clinician and patient after both parties have gone through the information together and both are satisfied the patient understands and agrees to their treatment.


Whereas most consent processes are limited with respect to keeping note of discussions between a doctor and their patient, Vault contains unlimited space for clinicians to make notes about points raised and discussed with the patient. Once the patient has agreed with the notes, they are included in the PDF consent form, ensuring both parties can rest easy knowing all important points and questions have been covered.

Secure storage and easy retrieval

Upon completion, the consent form is stored as a PDF on a secure server or sent to the hospital patient record. If the form then needs to be retrieved at a later date, it can be easily accessed from the Vault dashboard or the EPR system, ensuring fulfilment of legal obligations.

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[1] https://digital.nhs.uk/news-and-events/news-archive/2016-news-archive/national-information-board-paperless-2020