Set up consent form

  • Find the patient details imported from your patient administration system or enter the patient details yourself
  • Standard consent forms are available, including consent for minors or those lacking capacity. Custom consent forms are also supported
  • Add multiple signatories, including guardians, witnesses, interpreters and other specialists

Follow session prompts

  • Ensure that the patient’s personal details are correct
  • Use the procedure-specific information in the app to have an informed and structured conversation with the patient about the alternatives, benefits and risks of the proposed treatment
  • Use the notes feature to document any important information, additional risks, requests or concerns discussed with the patient

Capture Signatures

  • Capture patient consent statement
  • The patient affirms each individual statement of consent, acknowledging that they have considered the implications of their decision
  • Capture patient signature
  • Once the patient has affirmed the consent statements, they sign the consent form with a stylus on the tablet
  • Capture clinician’s signature
  • Capture the clinician’s digital signature to confirm the clinician’s statement

Retrieve the consent form

  • View consent form
  • The finalised PDF consent form is available to review immediately, including notes and digital signatures
  • Send consent form to patient
  • The patient can be sent a link to view and download the consent form online
  • Retrieve the digital consent form
  • Easily access consent documents by searching within the app and retrieving relevant forms
  • The consent forms are also available via the Vault Dashboard or the hospital patient administration system if it has been integrated
A health professional holding a clipboard talking with a patient